How To Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer?

You can print anything from Chrome OS via Google’s Cloud Print solution. But before trying to Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer, you need add the printer. However, most computers connect to printers via USB cable or wireless network but Chromebooks is a bit different. Instead of having a direct connection with a printer, chromebook uses something called Google Cloud Print. This application allows you to print from any device associated to a network, including phones, tablets, computers, and, of course, Chromebooks. This means you can print from anywhere else as long as you’re connected to the Internet. When you use Google Cloud Print to print a document, the print job gets sent to a Google server. From there you can choose the type of printer that you are accessing.

If you have a Canon printer, you are required to first Set up Google Cloud Print on the computer at which your printer is currently connected. You will also need to have Google Chrome downloaded, and you must be signed in to Chrome with the Google account you want to use with Google Cloud Print.

Steps To Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer

Go through the below-mentioned points to know the right ways for printing from Chromebook to Canon printer. Have a glimpse:

Step 1: Chromebook Printer Setup

Following are the guidelines for setting up chromebook:

  • Turn your Canon printer ON
  • Open Google Chrome on which your computer is connected to printer
  • After that, from the top-right corner of the browser, click “Chrome” menu and then select the “Settings” option
  • Now, scroll your cursor down to select “Show advanced settings..”
  • After that, locate the section labelled “Google Cloud Print” and then select “Manage”
  • A “Devices” window will open. Choose “Add Printers” option
  • A lists of printers connected to your computer will appear. Select the printers you want to add, then click “Add printers” from the bottom of the page
  • The printers you have selected will now be registered with your Google account and now your Chromebook is ready to print the document

Step 2: Print Using Google Cloud Print

  • First open the page you want to print
  • Now, click “File” and then select “Print”. Rather that choosing print option you can also press the keys “Ctrl + P” simultaneously
  • Doing this, a Google Cloud Print window will appear. Click “Change” option
  • A ‘Select a destination’ dialog box will display with a list of printers and options. Select the printer you want to print from and then select “Print” button

Talk To Tech-Specialists For Instant Support

If you don’t get satisfied with the above written procedures, then don’t panic! We have technical professional team working day and night only for you. Make a direct communication to them via dialing the given helpline number and follow the instructions in exactly the same way that they proffer you on phone call. By doing this, it is 100% surety that you can hassle-freely print from Chromebook.

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