Canon Printer Ink Cartridges – A Comprehensive Guide

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canon printer ink cartridges

Who doesn’t like to use their Canon printing devices to get exceptionally vibrant outputs? It is possible only when you use genuine Canon printer ink cartridges. The pigment-based ink and ChromaLife ink are best for printing text and photos, respectively. These inks produce bright colors and vivid printouts. However, many users are still unaware of the different kinds of cartridges the brand offers. This article will give you a detailed overview of Canon ink cartridges. It will solve all your queries about using the cartridges and replacing them. 


Common Types of Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

There are primarily two types of Canon ink cartridges. These are the black and the tri-color ink cartridges. Both deliver crisp and quality print. These are also known as integrated printer cartridges due to a built-in printhead. Note that Canon printer models with both these ink cartridge sets, such as Canon PG-240 black and CL-261 color, are inexpensive. However, the cartridges themselves aren’t cheap. 

A major problem people encounter is with the tri-color Canon printer ink cartridge. You need to replace the full cartridge if even one color reduces in quantity. It is the reason why most prefer using individual ink cartridges. 


How do Single Canon Ink Printer Cartridges Differ from FINE Cartridges?

 A majority of Canon InkJet printers employ printhead technology. This technology is the FINE or full-photolithography InkJet nozzle engineering. This technology generates the best quality prints. The FINE printheads push the ink in one ejection, which enhances efficiency and greater ink droplet placement speeds. 

A Canon Pixma printer ink cartridge is usually a single ink cartridge. But some Pixma printers employ the FINE cartridge system. This system utilizes a black and tri-color ink cartridge. 

The key difference between single Canon ink printer cartridges and FINE cartridges is that of convenience and maintenance time. In FINE cartridges, the printheads integrate into the cartridge. They are restored whenever you replace the cartridge. In contrast, Canon printers with a single cartridge for every ink make it difficult for you to have that convenience. But the single cartridges save you money over time because you only need to change the cartridge that has gone out of a single color ink.

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Which Are the Best Canon Printer Ink Cartridges for Pixma Printers

The following cartridges are ideal for a Canon Pixma printer.

1. Canon PG50 Black

The Canon PG50 Black is hands down the best ink cartridge for Pixma printers. It has a whopping 300-page yield capacity. When you have the right Canon model, you’ll be amazed at the crisp and clean print every single time. These are perfect for professional and personal settings. The cartridge also comes at an affordable price. 


2. Canon PGI-5 Black

Another great Canon Pixma printer cartridge is the Canon PGI-5 Black. Upon installation, it offers 650 high-quality printouts. You’ll love the crisp and highly detailed text lines in your printouts. Ensure to use it with a Pixma model it is compatible with. 


3. Canon CLI8 B k Black Inkjet cartridge (with chip)

This ink cartridge offers a 280-page yield capacity. It is fully compatible with the Pixma printer models. The cartridges get installed safely in the device and give beautiful results. With them, you will always print brilliant images and smooth, legible text. They are also quite affordable.


4. Canon PG-210 Black Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge 

This Canon Pixma printer ink cartridge has a yield capacity of 220 pages. You can use it at home or the office. It produces gorgeous black-and-white images and clear text. They print speedily and with efficiency. 


5. Canon PGI-225 Pigment Black InkJet Cartridge 

This cartridge works optimally and prints around 340 pages. It is ideal to use with Pixma printers. Be assured of its 100% quality.


6. Canon CLI-226 Black Compatible InkJet Cartridge

This cartridge also imparts superior printing performance. It doesn’t void its warranty. So, you can be sure of getting sharp-resolution prints. Using this cartridge, you can print over 510 pages.


What Are the Sizes for Ink Cartridges for Canon Printer?

You will find most Canon cartridges in standard yield size. But some Pixma printers need XXL cartridges. Note that there’s no difference in installing different sizes of cartridges. The difference is only in ink inside the cartridge.

XXL cartridge obviously has more ink than an XL cartridge. The high-yield cartridges are a bit costlier, but they serve you well for a prolonged time compared to the standard-yield cartridges. So, if you need to print high-quality outputs continuously, it’s better to invest in Canon high-yield cartridges.


How to Differentiate Genuine Canon Printer Ink Cartridges from Counterfeit Ones?

There are many signs of a counterfeit cartridge. Watch out for the following.

  • The cartridge packaging is re-sealed or tampered with in some way.
  • The counterfeit cartridges come at exceptionally low rates.
  • The packaging materials and colors of the fake cartridge isn’t the same as genuine print ink cartridges Canon.
  • You’ll often get the products differently from how you purchased the genuine ones.
  • Spelling or grammatical mistakes on the packaging of the cartridges are other indicators.

Besides these, you must also be cautious of some red flags while shopping for cartridges online. If you ignore them, you’ll likely end up with a counterfeit product.

  • The fake cartridges will often have a myriad of negative reviews from previous buyers.
  • Before purchasing, ensure to check the seller’s identity properly.
  • If the seller’s website has a poor layout, it’s possible that it is selling counterfeit products.
  • If there are no or very few comments on cartridges, it’s another red flag.
  • You’ll often see a cartridge description directly copied and pasted from a different website selling the same product.


Can You Refill a Canon Printer Ink Cartridge?

You can refill black and tri-color Canon ink cartridges. It needs you to place an ink syringe into the ink chamber. The process of refilling helps save your time and money in the long run.


Steps to Install Canon Ink Printer Cartridges

To install the cartridges, first, remove the plastic wrap and the clip at the end of the cartridge. Now, follow these points.

  • Remove the orange tape. It’s on the side of the ink cartridge.
  • You’ll now be able to access the vent hole.
  • Do not touch the gold contact points.
  • Now, open the printer’s top.
  • Let the cartridges center themselves.
  • Lift the grey latch.
  • Take out the cartridge from the printer.
  • The latches with B and C are for inserting black and color cartridges, respectively.
  • Place the new cartridge into its slot.
  • To secure the latch, pull it back over the cartridge.
  • Close the printer’s top and let the printer initialize.
  • Give a test print command.


Is There a Canon Ink Subscription Program?

Yes, Canon offers an ink subscription program. You can head to the Canon Ink & Toner Finder on the official Canon website to get your subscription. Once there, follow these pointers.

  • Choose your Canon printer model.
  • After that, select the compatible cartridges for the model.
  • Next, you can set the schedule for your subscription plan.
  • Decide when to get your ink and update information anytime.
  • There are no contracts or annual fees for the subscription.
  • You can also cancel the ink cartridge subscription anytime.
  • After making the payment for the cartridge, just wait for it to be shipped to your place.
  • Canon offers ground shipping and handling free of cost.

Final Words

Hopefully, you are well aware of Canon printer ink cartridges. These cartridges leverage innovative technology, so users get amazing printouts. You can find one compatible with your printer model on the official Canon website. If you need help finding the right cartridges or installing them, connect with a printer technical support professional.

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