How To Do Canon Printer Wireless Setup?

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Canon Printer Wireless Setup

In this current era of technical world, Wireless printing machine has become more popular for the reason that it is simple and convenient. A wireless Canon printer lets many computers to print facility from anywhere, at every corner of the place, either home or office without using any wires or cables. Even users of Canon Printer can easily connect to their wireless network, through their devices without any need of entering a password. However, connecting to the devices and setting up Canon wireless printer is quite easier to do. But if you face any glitches when doing Canon Printer Wireless Setup by your own, then don’t feel bad! In thig blog, we have explained how to setup and connect your wireless printer with an ease form. So, simply, read it out and follow the same to complete the whole set up process in no time.

Desired Steps To Do Canon Printer Wireless Setup

Go through the below-mentioned instructions one-by-one to make your Canon wireless printer setup on your PC and use it to print the document without any hassle. Let’s have a glimpse at given points:

Step 1: Connect Your Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

Once you go through the following noted steps, you can effort-freely connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi. Hence, lets’ start doing the same:

  • First, turn your Canon printer ON by pressing the Power button
  • Next, click on “Settings” option, press the arrow button and once you get the “Device Settings” option, press “OK”
  • Now, tap on arrow button until you see “LAN Settings”. Once you find it, click on OK tab
  • Then after, press the arrow button until you go to wireless LAN setup. Now, click OK
  • After doing this, the printer will start searching for the Wi-Fi network, in the meanwhile the light will be flashing
  • If the searching process takes more time, then you can click on “Stop” button. Doing this will move to “Wireless LAN setup, standard setup”. Now, press OK
  • Click on the arrow button until you get your wi-fi network. Once you find it, click OK
  • After that, enter your password for the Wi-Fi and then press OK
  • Once again tap “OK” button if the screen says connected

Step 2: Add Your Wireless Canon Printer To Your Computer

After successfully connection of your Canon wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network, it is required to add it to your computer to get it to work. Here’s how to add your printer to your computer. Follow the given points:

  • Press the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously on your keyboard
  • Doing this, Run dialog box will open
  • Copy ‘control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters’ and paste it in your search box. And then click OK
  • Tap “Add a Printer” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process
  • Now, at the end, you wireless Canon printer is successfully added in your PC and your printer is now been connected to your wi-fi network

After completing these two-steps, you can print a test page to check whether it is functioning appropriately or not.

Step 3: What To Do If Printer Is Not Working Well

If your Canon printer acts a bit weird, then:

  • Any error notifications pop-up randomly during the print job
  • It stops responding and even won’t print anything else

When you come across with any of these situations, then the possibilities are due to having an outdated or corrupt printer driver. So, if you update your printer driver immediately and see it fixes your problem. From the official manufacturing website, you can download and install an updated printer driver.

Contact To Tech-Savvy For Canon Wireless Printer Setup In Handy Way

Don’t get disheartened! If you have gone through all these aforementioned steps accordingly and yet your Canon Wireless Printer Setup is not done. We have team of tech-specialists working all day all night constantly to provide one-stop remedy with 100% satisfaction. So, get united with them via placing a single call on helpline number and follow their instructions in the same way as they directed. For sure, in a couple of second your wireless Canon printer will gonna be set up and you can frequently print the document.

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