Get Help To Troubleshoot Canon MG5320 Printer Error Code B200

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canon MG5320 Printer

Canon is one of the largest manufacturers of printers, scanners and other peripheral devices in the world. These devices facilitate users for smoothly accomplishing their daily tasks. Rarely any brand can beat canon in terms of performance and quality. As the canon printer consist superior features, these often needs some professional care. If your canon MG5320 Printer does not function the way it should, then the problem should be dealt immediately. One such frustrating issue is Canon MG5320 Printer Error Code B200. However, you can easily troubleshoot this error by dialing Canon Tech Support  Number and making contact with deft professionals.

Let’s discuss what is canon MG5320 Printer Error Code B200 and how to resolve it.

The Canon MG5320 printer error code B200 also comes along with an error message that says “A service error has occurred”. This error mainly indicates that there is dust or debris stuck inside the printer causing obstructions. Basically, this error can be due to the overheating of printheads also.

There are number of solutions to conquer this error code such as removing and replacing printheads, replacing cartridges, resetting printheads and printer. Please follow the below mentioned solutions to resolve error code B200 canon Pixma MG5320.

Methods to fix Error Code B200 Canon MG5320

Turn off the printer:  

  • Open the print head
  • Turn the printer back on, now you will see cartridges start moving to the left.
  • Just before the cartridges reach towards left side, close printer cover and leave the printer turned on.

Reset your print head:

  • Simply turn off your canon printer and leave it off for few minutes.
  • Turn your printer on and see if the error is eliminated or not.

Removing and cleaning of printheads:

  • Try cleaning your printheads connectors with cue tips and alcohol
  • Ensure that the connectors are completely dry before powering on your printer
  • Press the power button quickly to initiate the reboot mode on the printer

Take out all of the ink cartridges: 

  • Simply lift up the grey bar where the ink goes.
  • Turning the printer off, left the printheads in the middle of the printer
  • Clean the plastic head primers/ cleaners on the printer

Replace the problematic cartridge:

  • In order to replace the cartridge, you need to check your printer manually.

Check for obstructions:

  • For this, you need to power down your canon MG5320printer
  • Simply, remove the paper from the paper tray and check for any obstructions

Nozzle check:

  • Simply press the power and copy button on your printer and wait for couple of times.
  • After doing that, the printer should start automatically and you just need to perform a nozzle check from its control panel.

Reset the printer:

In order to remove error code B200, simply unplug your printer and wait for few minutes and again connect it with power supply.

Resetting the ink tanks:

  • When the ink tanks are not seated correctly then there is possibility that this error may take place.
  • Simply reset the ink cartridges and ensure that you hear a snapping sound when placing them.
  • Also, make sure the printer is being plugged in directly into the wall outlet.

Hopefully, after applying these fixes you will be able to conquer Canon B200 Error from your canonMG5320 printer. You can also take advice from an expert to fix the same issue. But for this you need to make a call at our toll-free number.

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