Via Canon Tech Support learn Ways to canon mx922 clean print head

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canon mx922 clean print head

In today’s modern world, printers have become an essential part for a small business to large organization. Without a printer none of the paper work can be completed. Owing to high quality printing output performance and credibility, canon printers are known among the global users. With regular usage, these printers might face some technical glitches which prevent users to perform their important task. However, you don’t need to take tension, as your one call at our Canon tech support number can easily eradicate your entire issues. One of the common problems which are faced by many users is to clean canon mx922 clean print head.

Printheads plays the primary role in a printing task as it allows your printer to input ink on a paper. If Printheads gets clogged due to a number of reasons such as small pieces of paper, dried ink and several other. Therefore, clogging of Printheads lead to the uneven distribution of ink and corrupts your print quality. However, you can resolve this issue by yourself without taking anybody assistance.

Below are the methods to perform cleaning function for thoroughly cleaning the Printheads of your canon mx922 clean print head to improve print quality.

Although, before you begin read this:

If and only if lines are missing or horizontal white streaks are present, then you need to perform print head cleaning otherwise perform print head nozzle pattern.

Clean the print head only when necessary as it takes ink to execute this task.

Look at the steps to cleaning Printheads of a canon printer in order to improve its print quality:

  • When the printer is on, in the lower cassette, load one or more sheets of letter-sized plain paper.
  • Hold the sides of paper output tray and open it.
  • Now, extend the paper output support to open it fully.
  • Click on MENU.
  • Choose Setup, and hit OK.
  • Choose Maintenance, and click OK.
  • Go for Cleaning, and then hit OK.
  • From this, select Yes, and then press OK.
  • The machine will automatically starts the cleaning of print head.
  • At about two minutes later when the pattern print confirmation screen appears, choose yes, and then click OK.
  • When the completion message appears on the screen, simply press OK.

If this cleaning helps in improving the print quality, it is well and good, but if not, then try deep cleaning method.

The steps for deep cleaning is same as the normal cleaning, but instead of selecting cleaning in the maintenance section select Deep Cleaning and then press ok. The nozzle check pattern is printed and when the completion message appears on the screen simply press OK and then examine the output.

We, guarantee you that after pursuing above listed steps, you can easily clean Printheads of your canon printer Pixma mx922. Nevertheless, if you are still facing some issues, then try taking the help from Canon Tech Support team members. Their online assistance will surely give you proper resolution to clean Printheads.

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