How To Reset A Canon Printer MX310?

Canon Printer MX310 is a perfect combination of innovation and technology. It has printing, scanning, faxing and copying facilities that any users can utilize very frequently. But at some point of time, you basically need to Reset A Canon Printer MX310 to renovate its performance. Once you reset the device in a factory setting, and then refilled full original cartridges, error messages will be disappeared and also the unwanted “memory received” faxes will be repealed. Reset of course also means that the individual settings such as language, Date, your own number must be reset.

However, Canon Printer MX310 comes with an ink monitoring system. When the ink goes low or needs to be refilled immediately, you will receive “low ink” error messages on the display screen. Sometimes, even though having a sufficient amount of ink to make a print, such an error will be appeared. In such condition, what you actually need to do is to reset your printer for maintaining the ink level in the printer. Resetting helps you to clear the old ink level memory so that you do not need to replace the ink cartridges anymore.

Step-by-Step Guide For Reset A Canon Printer MX310

The desired steps of Reset A Canon Printer MX310 are listed below. So, stop looking here and there, just glimpse on the given instructions and follow them accordingly:

  • First, turn off the Canon MX310 printer by pressing the “Power” button
  • Now, press the “Stop/Reset” button on the Control Panel. Hold it down for about five seconds
  • Next, push the “Power” button while holding the “Stop/Reset” button
  • Keep on pressing these two buttons for at least five seconds and afterwards release only the Stop or Reset button
  • Do not release the “Power” button yet
  • Now, Push “Stop/Reset” twice while continuously holding the “Power” button.
  • Release the “Power” button now. After doing this the power light will convert in green color
  • Once the light is steady green, press the “Stop/Reset” button
  • Now, you have to wait for about three seconds and then push it again
  • Wait three more seconds and push it one final time, for a total of three times. The power light will turn orange
  • Push the “Power” button, then lift the MX310 printer cover open
  • Remove both ink cartridges slightly and wait 10 seconds
  • Now, replace the cartridges and close the MX310 cover
  • Wait 30 seconds more
  • Push the “Power” button
  • Wait a few seconds to allow the printer to fully power down
  • Now, at last turn-on the Canon Printer MX310 by pressing the “Power” button

Contact Us Via Helpline Number Whenever Face Difficulties

Once you appropriately go through the aforementioned instructions stepwise to Reset A Canon Printer MX310, it will surely work out to complete the task. But if some point you find difficulties while following them and having any confusion related to the given steps, you can feel free to contact us anytime. We are a team of highly proficient and well-educated engineers available round the clock on helpline number only for your help. Therefore, make an instant call on that number and stay tuned with us. For sure, you can reset your printer easily and can print anything without any error issue.