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lamp flashes error in canon mg3500

When an error encounters in printing such as the machine is paper jammed or out of paper, a troubleshooting message appears automatically. Therefore, for any of the errors, appropriate action is required. When lamp flashes error in canon mg3500 arises, the Alarm lamp sparks orange and a Support Code that is the error number is shown on the computer screen. Though, for a certain error, ON the lamp and the Alarm lamp flash consecutively. Here is the detailed information. So. go through these details prudently to protect your canon printer against errors. Therefore, for more information, contact Canon Support.

lamp flashes error in canon mg3500

Experts will explain to you further process in detail.

So here is the complete list of what are the different codes and what do they denote.




2 Because of the inappropriate loading of paper or printer is running out of paper. ·         Provide the sheets correctly by aligning the stack.

·         If the tray is running out of paper, load it again.


·         So, emulate the settings of the laden paper with the one chosen in the Printer properties.








3 Paper tray is closed or there has ensued a paper jam either in the result tray or inside the machine or at the time of automatic duplex printing. Open the output tray.

Certainly, the paper jam has occurred and if it is visible to you, then try to take out the astrayed paper only from the reachable areas and don’t try to pugnaciously pull it out.


If the paper jam is not visible, maybe it is inside the printer. Though, in this situation, switch OFF the printer and make it open with the help of the user guide and then take away any torn pieces.





4 or 7 Indecorously placed FINE Cartridge Firstly, take out the paper output tray and then check whether the ink cartridge is locked appropriately or not until you perceive a clicking lock sound. Secondly, pull down the opened door.




5 The FINE cartridge is either not fixed or a companionable one has not been used. If you haven’t installed it, then you won’t be able to print and even if you have installed it, maybe it won’t match with your printer.

Further, replace it with a well-matched FINE Cartridge.


1202 6 The printer output cover is unlocked. Shut the paper output cover.
1702 – 05

1712 – 15

8 Total Waste Ink Absorber For a regular print at present, press the Black or Color button and then go to printing.

For the long term, ponder exchanging the waste ink collector box.

1890 9 Protective tape linked to the FINE Cartridge Take out the cartridge access door or the paper output port where you will see if any reddish-brown or orange-colored protective cover has been let attached to. If yes, take it out immediately.
1310 10 Fed paper does not obey automatic duplex printing If you have loaded paper rather than A4 size or letter-sized paper in automatic duplex printing, then you will go through this error.

To fix it, hit the Black or Color button on your printer and this will eliminate the paper from the tray and then resume printing again from the front side of the subsequent correct paper loaded.

4103 11 Media settings not recognized by the automatic duplex printing Same as 1310 error
4100 12 Not able to print Creative Park Premium If you need to print media of Creative Park Premium, after receiving the confirmation message on the computer. Moreover, you also need to confirm that you have installed unpretentious and compatible FINE Cartridges.
1686 13 Low Ink If you will see that the ink finishes totally, then you will no longer be able to see the remaining level of ink because the perceiving level function has been inactivated.

If you still want to continue, then hit and hold the STOP option for some time and then leave it. Therefore, this will permit you to use the very last little drops of ink.


However, if not, do the replacement of the ink cartridge, either original ones or at least those that are well-matched.

1684 14 Ink Cartridge is not identified If you have freshly installed any new driver, it might be affecting the printer to not identify the ink cartridge. For instance, retune the printer and then try to perform it again.

However, the ink cartridge that you have installed might not be appropriate for the printer and therefore it is refusing it.

1682 15 FINE Cartridge is not being identified. The FINE Cartridge could either not be a well-matched or could be damaged. Hence, confirm it and replace it with a new one.
1688 16 Low Ink Same as 1686 error
2103 21 Paper size cannot be predictable First, start the printer again and check if the error goes or not.

Moreover, fix the Printer settings to not to identify the paper width using an operational panel or the Remote UI.

2102 22 Paper is aligned only one side Take great care while loading the paper to the center of the tray and then use the paper guide on the paper loading tray. Hence, this will confirm both side alignments.

Further, hit on the Black or Color button to eliminate the error display and continue printing.


Moreover, if you need any assistance to resolve lamp flashes error in canon mg3500, so contact Canon Support. Although, experts will explain to you all your doubts in a simple and clear way. Hence, you can call at any time, as experts are present 24 hours.

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