How to Hard Reset Canon Printer Error?

Is your Canon printer experiencing an error? Sometimes a quick reset is all the unit needs to remove problems. To Hard Reset Canon Printer Error, you will have to run a power cycle, reset the ink levels, or run a hard reset. Resetting helps in exterminating a stubborn Canon printer error code or another problem that miscommunicate between the printer and the computer. It unblocks the printer queue and restores the factory settings for a fresh start. Combine the reset with fresh ink cartridges if required and make sure the hardware is working properly. Moreover, you can contact Canon Printer Tech Support for receiving hand to hand remedy at your door-step.

Hard Reset Canon Printer Error

A stubborn Canon printer error calls for a hard reset. The process is simple and it returns the printer to the factory default settings. In case you can’t perform hard reset on your own, then read out this blog post very carefully as our technical writer has mentioned the effective ways of doing this. For sure, you won’t find anywhere else this much easiest possible solution of Canon printer related query.

Procedure to Hard Reset Canon Printer Error

Follow the below-noted points to fix hard reset canon printer error. Step by step perform all those given points. You will surely be able to terminate this error code from your system. Therefore, have a look at here:

  • First of all power-off your Canon printer device
  • Now, hold “Stop” button for few seconds
  • After that hold “ON” button for two seconds while holding “Stop” button
  • Now, release “Stop” button and press “Stop” button 5 times consistently
  • Release both the “ON” and “Stop” button at same time and wait the printer shutdown
  • Start printer to finish “OFF”

Doing the above steps will erase any default error occur on your Canon printer. In case you are getting failed or stuck somewhere while following these steps, then contact immediately to the skilled technical engineers. They will give you some handy solution of your related query.