How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

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You might have recently bought a Canon printer for your home or office premises and are very excited to do print job. But when you start printing important document with your Canon printer, you get blank pages in your hand. It is really terrifying when the printer stops working all of the sudden while doing an outstanding job. You might have no idea about why is it happening and how to resolve the issue. Don’t worry! Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages is a general problem that most of the Canon printer users confront and we a team of qualified technicians are there to help them in most convenient way. The only thing you require to do is to give a ring on toll-free number and get united with tech-savvy. They will provide you correct solution in a right way.

Reasons Why Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

There are few things that could be the cause of the problem Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages. Some of the most common reasons are mentioned below, look on them:

  • Due to ink or toner cartridges are empty
  • If the wrong paper size is loaded in the input tray, you might get blank pages printouts
  • Because of blockage of vacuum in the cartridge
  • The ink levels might be low
  • Printer drivers sometimes cause the same issue
  • There is some default in hardware of Canon printer

Solutions To Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

Follow the noted steps to rectify printer printing blank pages issue quickly and effortlessly:

Solution 1: Update Canon Printer Driver

If you update Canon printer driver on your computer and then print the document, you might get a high quality of printouts in clear form. So, here is the way to update your printer, simply go through the respective points:

  • Press the Windows logo key + S key together to open the Search box, and then type “Device Manager” into the search box and hit Enter. Alternatively, click on “Start” button and find the Device Manager, select it
  • Once the ‘Device Manager’ window opens-up on the screen, scroll down through the page and search for the ‘Canon printer driver’. When you get it give a right-click on it
  • Now, select the ‘Update Software Driver’ option. Doing so your system will check if the update is available
  • Click on the “Update” option if it is available
  • Once the driver updating process gets completed, restart your computer

Solution 2: Change The Printer Settings

Change the printer settings with the help of below mentioned steps and then print a test page to check whether you get printouts in blank pages or actual text. Keep your eyes feast on the noted lines:

  • First of all, click on “Start” menu to open the list
  • Select the ‘Devices and Printers’ option and give a right click on it
  • Choose the Printing Preferences option from the list
  • Click on the Maintenance section, and then hit “Extended Settings”
  • When the Extended Settings window opens, select the ‘Skip Blank Page setting’
  • Now, click “OK” to save the changes
  • After that check, if the problem persists or not

Solution 3: Use High Quality Generic Cartridges

If you use low quality of generic cartridges, then there is a high chance of getting blank pages of printouts. So, you must use a high-quality generic cartridge. By using quality ink, you can receive great quality printouts and suitable viscosity, so that it will not block the print nozzles.

Solution 4: Make Sure The Printer Is Placed In Proper Position

It is highly recommended to the Canon printer users that place their printer in a suitable location because the ink on the printhead may get thicker when the printer is not been in used for a long time. Place the printer in a cool place to avoid further obstacles.

Solution 5: Check The Level Of Ink

You must check the ink level whether it is empty or low. You can easily check this by printing reports using the buttons on the printer menu. If there is no ink in the black cartridge, you can’t print anything. So, fill the black ink into the cartridges and then, proceed with the printing job.

Solution 6: Clean The Print Heads

If you are not using your Canon printer for a long period of time, then the ink may dry out and clog the printhead cartridges. To unclog the printhead, you need to clean the printheads or print nozzles. To do so, follow the below points:

  • First turn-off your Canon printer from the power button
  • Now, remove the cartridge or ink container slightly from the printer
  • Normally, protective sheets are placed in new cartridges. Find it and then, clean it with a cotton cloth or tissue

We just hope that the above written procedures are gonna effectual for you in troubleshooting printer printing blank pages issue. But in case you confront any kind of troubles while performing these guidelines, then without any worries place a call at XYZ helpline number as our team of tech-geeks are present round the clock to assist you in a right way.

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