Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error B200 with Easy Steps

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Canon Printer Error B200

You may come across canon printer error B200 while using your printer. The error arises due to some problem comes in hardware that is associated with the print head or even with the printer itself. If you confront this error, you will notice that your printing jobs get blocked. Don’t exasperate at that moment as we have tech-geeks who will assist you in the right way. So, avail Canon Printer Support via dialing our provided helpline number and get united with the technicians until you receive quality services or solutions related to your problem.

Fix Canon Printer B200 Error

If you encounter Canon Printer Error B200you need to simply turn-off the Canon printer for an hour and then unplug its power cable. After that, open up the cover, and check for objects that clog the printhead such as paper clips. Remove such foreign objects in case you see it, and turn on the printer by closing its cover. If this fails to resolve the B200 error code, then continue to read-out this blog.

Steps to Fix Canon B200 Error

Follow the below procedure to cope-up the error:

1. Manually Clean the Canon Print-head

Once you clean the print-head, such an issue will be terminated. So, have a glimpse to do it:

    1. Turn off the Canon printer first and then disconnect its power cord. Proceed with the cleaning once the printer gets cooled
    2. Open up the printer cover and look at the ink cartridges


  1. Remove the print-head along with the cartridges
  2. Run a test print to check whether it adjusts the alignment of the print-head automatically

An option Auto Head Alignment is there on the Canon printer’s control panel menu. The steps to access that setting will be mentioned in Canon printer’s user manual; so print a test page after the cleaning to check if the canon b200 error is still there or not. If still the same error persists, follow the next method.

2. Advanced Troubleshooting Steps For Canon Printer B200 Error

For this, you have to enable the internet on Windows PC for logging-in as an administrator. Follow the below points:

  1. Download and update the printer driver from the official site of Canon printer
  2. Click on “Start” button on desktop, search for Devices and Printers, and then click on it to open
  3. Under the Control Panel window, right-click on the Canon printer icon and choose Properties
  4. Opt for “Maintenance” and then click on Deep Cleaning
  5. Perform a Nozzle Check once deep print-head cleaning is finished

If this troubleshooting guide is not helpful for you to remove canon printer error b200, then make a direct connection with the deft connoisseurs. For that, you will have to put a call at Canon Printer Support Number and stay tuned with the techies freely. They know better how to make your hurdles terminated and make you feel good.

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