How to Fix Canon MX472 Printer Error Code 5100?

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Printer Error Code 5100

The Canon Printer Error Code 5100 specifies that there is a problem in ink carriage. Basically, something currently is overacted the cartridge carriage.  So, Error Code 5100 is related to a carriage error. It can easily be coped-up by using service mode and wiping the printer heads if it has a blockage. Therefore, if you are encountering the same problematic issue with your Canon printer, then you don’t be worried about it anymore! As here, the blog will guide you to exterminate this code in a very easy way. In case the mentioned guidelines are not effectual for you, you can simply obtain reliable as well as trustworthy Canon Support by sitting at your home. Doing so will be received a one-stop solution of the same kind of printer problem.

 Causes Of Occurring Error Code 5100 Canon MX472 Printer

There could be numbers of reasons which leads you to Canon PIXMA Printer Error 5100. Some most common causes are:

  • The protective material might be checking the print head
  • There may be a paper jam issue
  • Due to debris in the carriage head
  • Due to not correctly installed the ink tank
  • The printer needs to be reset

These are some common mistakes that arise on your Canon printer and display an error code 5100. Once you encounter such an issue, you won’t print any document. That’s why; it is instantly needed to handle such problem. Know the troubleshooting process on the below points.

Efficacious Solutions To Fix Error Code 5100 Canon MX472 Printer

On the basis of the actual causes behind Canon Printer Error Code 5100, here are some reliable ways to resolve the issue. So, let’s have a glimpse on them and follow one-by-one appropriately:

Solution 1: Annihilate The Productive Material From The Printer Head

  • First, lift-up the top cover of your printer
  • Search for the protective material and remove it
  • Close the cover and turn-on your printer
  • Check if Canon PIXMA Printer Error Code 5100 has been disappeared or not.

If yet the same error code you are getting while printing the document, then clear the paper jam to remove the error.

Solution 2: Cleared The Jammed paper From Your Canon printer

  • Before proceeding to clean the jammed paper, turn off your printer first
  • Now, lift-up the top cover and look for any jammed paper. If there is any, remove instantly
  • Carefully remove it by gently by pulling the paper out of the tray
  • Close the cover and turn your printer on
  • Confirm that the issue has been eliminated

Solution 3: Set The Ink Cartridges Properly

At times, the ink cartridge of your Canon PIXMA MX432 Printer might not be properly set or installed and this may cause one such reason of error code 5100. This error will create interruption in the print head functioning. Hence, to fix this error, you need to reset/reinstall the ink cartridges. For this, remove all ink cartridges from your printer first and clean it properly.

Solution 4: Reset Your Canon MX472 Printer

  • Turn off the printer first and then unplug the power cable from wall outlet
  • Now, press and hold the “Power” button, and restore the power
  • While holding the power button, press the resume button twice
  • Release the power button and make sure that the issue has been resolved

Dial Canon Support Number For Quality Assistance

If you are not able to exterminate the error code 5100 yet, then the last but not the least option is to take reliable assistance from well-qualified techies. And for that, you will have to place a call at Canon Support Number and get in touch with them. Don’t leave the connection with technical engineer until you get understand the desired troubleshooting procedure.

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