How To Connect Canon TS6220 Printer To Wifi?

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Why connecting Canon TS6220 Printer to  wifi is essential? Since you are using an advance printer and to let it work, you will need high-speed wifi. The printer supports the wireless system that uses mobile devices and built-in cloud services to print and scans easily. Canon printers are very easy to use and they give the best printing experience from any corner of the home or office. You can easily set up the TS6220 Canon printer at home itself, and cal also connect it with the wifi. Doesn’t matter whether you know how to connect it, or not, by learning the steps from this blog you will be able to complete the task.

Canon has all the advance printers that can connect with desktops as well as with mobile devices. So, you will don’t need to transfer any file from mobile to computer to scan or get the print. Now you can simply connect your printer with the device that you want to connect it with.

By comparing the previous printing style, wireless printers can be easily connected with wifi in just 2 mins. You just need to follow straight forward steps to complete the task and the wireless connectivity printers have a screen that makes the task easy for the users. These advance printers give the best user experience as well as give pro-like prints.

What are the benefits of having a wireless Canon TS6220 printer?

With the Canon wireless TS6220 printer, you can print any kind of soft copy data with complete ease, comfort, and simplicity. When you want to get the prints from the mobile, go to your App Store and download- Canon PRINT app. This app will help you in easy and efficient mobile printing, you just need to connect your printer and mobile with the same wifi.

This app has made mobile printing easier, you can print pictures, records, and significant files. If you want to print any web page you can print that as well. Apart from this, the app includes more features such as:

  • Easy photo printing
  • Airprint function
  • Hybrid link system
  • Improved print resolution

Despite having such amazing features, you may find it difficult to connect. So in such a case, you take expert guidance. Now, let us proceed further to use the below steps for connecting the wireless connection with your TS6220 Canon printer.

Quick steps to connect Canon wireless TS6220 printer with Wi-Fi

You can use the WPS method if facing issues in connecting the printer, it will automatically build the connection within 2-minutes. Let’s begin the quick steps that are required for easy connection:

  1. First, switch on your printer and the wifi.
  2. Now click the printer’s B button, the printer’s Wi-Fi light begins to blink.
  3. Then in the second step, click the Wi-Fi button and hold it. Now press the button until the printer ON light flashes.
  4. Now press the wifi button after press the color button. And ensure that the wifi light flashes or not.
  5. Check if the printer’s ON light is lit or not.
  6. Now continue with downloading and installing the printer driver on the computer.
  7. Start the installation process in the next step by inserting the CD or online.
  8. For online, you need to go the official website of Canon printer driver setup and from there download the right drivers.
  9. Now press the Installation Wizard Start Setup button by following the on-screen instructions.
  10. In the Select Connection Method tab, you need to choose a suitable LAN connection and click Next.
  11. Now in the Check Power Screen window, click on the Next button.
  12. From the Network list on the screen, select your printer and then press Next.
  13. The link to the printer is now done, you will see a message on the screen. Click Next to continue.
  14. Again Click Next
  15. The list of installed software will be present on the screen. Now select the software and select Next.
  16. Now finally, you need to click on Exist and finish with this installation process.

Conclusion: Canon TS6220 Printer 

Your printer is successfully connected with the Wi-Fi and now you can enjoy the amazing features of it and can get pro-like prints. If the process seems hectic or creates confusion you can try the WPS method to connect your printer. You need to press the WPS button of the printer, and then select the Wifi and enter the WPS pin and you are done, you Canon TS6220 printer will get connected.

While using the printer, or connecting it, if you find any issue then you can contact the Canon printer support line to get help from experts.

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