How to Connect Canon Pixma TR4522 setup to WiFi Router?

Bought a new printer and need help with the Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup procedure? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the steps to connect your Canon printer to the wireless network in easy steps. Whether you are trying to connect your Windows or Mac device to the Canon TR4522, we’ve got you covered. Just read the blog till the end to complete setting up your printer and connect it to the WiFi.

Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup For Windows And Mac Device

Canon is a well-known name in computer printers. It offers a range of printers for all types of business needs under the Pixma Series. It’s easy availability has made it popular across users. After purchasing the printer, it is a must to set up the printer within the correct configuration before use.

Canon TR4522 printer is one of the best offerings to the customers by Canon. As this is a wireless printer, hence it allows you to print your documents, sheets, photos via WiFi anywhere wirelessly from any device after Canon TR4522 Set up. Once you are done with the setup thing, you have the freedom to do all printing jobs like printing, scanning, and faxing.  Here is the step-by-step instruction to connect your Canon TR4522 to your Windows Devices or MAC.

Connecting Canon Pixma TR4522 to WiFi

Canon TR4522 printers can be connected to the wireless network either with using or without using the software. You can use any of the methods to connect the printer to the wireless network. If you want an easy and hassle-free setup, you can use Easy Wifi connect method to connect to Canon TR4522 wireless without the requirement of any router.

All you have to do is to mention the router details on your PC/MAC that are needed to be connected to the printer. Alternatively, you can also use WPS/ WPS Pin for a wireless connection setup. By using the guide below, you will be able to set up your printer step by step for wireless functionality.

Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup From Scratch (Unboxing)

Given below is the Canon Pixma TR4522 setup steps from the very start. If you just got your printer delivered at your home and now wondering how to get started, then worry not and continue with the steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to check the seal on the package. Make sure it is right and then only unbox the printer.
  2. Now it’s time to open the shipment box. Use any sharp object to break the seal and start taking out all the accessories from the box.
  3. Once you have removed the user manual, cable, power cord, and other accessories from the box, take out the printer machine.
  4. Keep the printer on a flat and clean surface. Make sure the room temperature is neither too cold or too hot and do not place the printer in direct sunlight.
  5. Connect the power cord to the rear of the printer and the power outlet.
  6. Now turn on the printer by pressing the ON button.
  7. Load the paper tray with a sufficient number of papers.
  8. Install black and color ink cartridges in their slots.

Canon Pixma TR4522  Setup For Apple MAC

Here’s how you can connect your Mac device to the Canon Pixma TR4522 printer.

Follow the Canon Pixma TR4522 setup steps for Mac.

  • Press the ‘Menu’ and then the ‘Wireless Connect’ button and hold it for a while.
  • When the printing screen appears, follow the instructions and proceed according to the steps mentioned.
  • Download the latest Set-Up file on Mac from the official website.
  • Look for the on-screen prompts, and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup process.

How To Do WiFi Setup For Canon PIXMA TR4522 On Windows

Connect your Windows PC to the Canon PIXMA TR4522 printer by following the steps below:

  • Ensure the power supply into the printer and has been turned on before starting the setup process.
  • Click on Menu followed by the ‘ Wireless Set up’ option. Click on the “OK” button.
  • Select the WPS option from the setup menu and click “OK”
  • Find the WPS Button on your WiFi Router, press and hold the button for a few seconds.
  • Click on the OK button present on the printer immediately.
  • Click again on OK again when it is prompted on printer screens.
  • Select the ‘Copy’ button to proceed with the process.
  • Open the Driver Installation Wizard and Install your printer.

(This will help when you have WPS Enabled Access Point)


By using these simplified step-by-step guidelines, you can easily complete the Canon TR4522 WiFi set-up process.