How to Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Computer?

When you recently purchase Canon MF4770N printer device for your home or office premises, then the very first thing you should do is to make sure that all the supplied accessories are contained in the box. Now, you have to peel-off the tape that is applied on the box and then slightly take out the printer and place it carefully at plain surface. After doing that prepare the toner cartridges and load the stack of paper into the input tray. And then the most importantly thing is to Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Computer as only then you will be able to print anything. Though, there are various ways of making connection in between these two devices, i.e. printer and computer.

Few Important Points You Should Consider When Connecting Them

  • Make sure that the computer and printer setup is done because you won’t be able to use that machine on the wired or wireless network if they are not setup correctly. You can’t access them even after performing the instructions appropriately if they are not setup.
  • The structure of your computer or network device, distinct router features, setting process and advanced security settings vary depending on the environment in which the printer machine is set up.
  • Refer to the detailed user manual instruction provided with your network device, or contact to manufacturer directly.
  • Contact your network administrator in case you want to use the computer in your office area.
  • After confirmation from the network operator, you have to connect the device to the LAN in accordance with the two discussed procedures.

Depending on your environment and devices, the printer machine can be associated to a wireless LAN or wired LAN. For this, the connection method must be substituted to either wired LAN or wireless LAN. The default setting for this printer is “Wired LAN.”

  • Click “Menu” tab
  • Press “Network Settings” and then hit “OK”
  • Use numeric keys to identify the System Manager PIN and then press “OK”
  • Now, if you would like to swap the network device, choose “Wired/Wireless LAN” and then click “OK”
  • Further, make choice between Wired or Wireless LAN and then tap “OK”

While Switching To A Wired Or Wireless LAN Connection, Ensure The Below Points:

  • Uninstall the MF driver once after connecting the wireless LAN or wired LAN.
  • After completion of uninstallation successfully, try to reinstall MF driver

Methods To Connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Computer

Now, the below points discuss how to connect the printer to either wired or wireless LAN. Have a glimpse on the given information:

Method 1: Connect The Printer To Wired LAN

It is quite clear that you won’t access wired LAN and wireless LAN simultaneously. But you must know that Wired LAN is the default connection method. Take a look how:

  • Use a LAN cable for connecting the printer to a router or a network hub
  • Wait until the machine sets the IP address automatically, which takes a couple of minutes. If urgent, you can set the IP address manually too
  • Install the necessary drivers and wait until they are connected to the Wired LAN

Method 2: Connect The Device To Wireless LAN

Before connecting the device to a Wireless LAN, you have to be assured that your printer supports wireless connections. You can use the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature for connection.

  • Connecting Using WPS (Push Button Mode)
  • Under “Menu” section choose the options in the following order: Network Settings > > Wireless LAN Settings > > WPS Push button Mode > > Yes
  • Hold and tap the WPS button on the wireless LAN router for around 5 seconds.
  • As the wireless LAN router or access point network is identified, the next screen will be displayed for approx. 2 seconds and the Wi-Fi indicator will blink.
  • Wait couple of minutes until the device automatically sets the IP address.

Method 3: Connect With USB Cable

  • Connect a USB cable to your machine first
  • If the cable is not come with your printer device, then you can purchase it
  • Select the specific driver that has to be installed on your computer
  • Now install the MF Drivers and MF Toolbox

Contact To Deft Connoisseurs For Instant Help

If you are yet unable to connect Canon MF4770N Printer to Computer even following the above procedures appropriately, then now you have to do only one thing that is to make cold conversation with highly talented techies. And they will connect you only when you put a call at XYZ helpline number. Very simple method will be delivered by them. So, don’t worry! Just be happy.