How to Connect Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Are you needed a printer that could print a large format document with good speed? Looking for a printer that can print documents, scrapbooks as well as photos with great clarity? If yes, then Canon iP8720 Printer is the only one inkjet printer that fulfils your desired requirements. This printing device is quite smaller in comparision to other printers. This is easy to print and the device is affordable for anyone else. It also doesn’t consume too much ink for printing. After getting this printing machine you will have to setup it first and then try to print a test page. To get printouts, you need to Connect Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi. But before establishing connection with Wi-Fi, it is important for you to ensure that your PC is connected to the internet. You might are not proficient enough to do the same, that’s why we are giving the entire information about it. Just keep your eyes feast on this blog-post.

Effective Steps to Connect Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi

Here are the step-by-step guidelines which will assist you to make your Canon iP8720 printer connected with Wi-Fi network. If you are wandering for the obtaining the same type of answer, then stick your eyes to the below-noted points:

Few Things You Should Note About The Network Connection

  • Security settings for the network devices, setup instructions, router functions, and configurations may be different according to the environment where the system is put in.
  • Take a brief glimpse at the network administrator if this is an Office setup
  • Ensure that the network you are accessing on is completely secured. Otherwise, third party may try to access your personal information.
  • Your usable printer and computer system is working on the same network

Install Printer Driver And Software

For using the printer which is connected to your operating system, having an installed driver on PC is must needed. Therefore, download and install the actual driver for your Canon iP8720 Printer.

Important Notes You Should Keep In Mind

  • First, log in as an administrator to connect your canon ip8720 printer to Wi-Fi
  • Close all the apps you accessed before setup
  • Don’t ever try to change the users during the driver installation process
  • For installing software, an internet connection is must require on computer
  • After completion of software installation successfully, you need to reboot the computer
  • After restarting the computer, perform the directions appear on the screen

Setup Your PIXMA iP8720 With Below Noted Steps

  • Visit the site JI setup
  • Appropriately, follow the guidance that are directed in the product setup section, download now
  • Open the .dmg file

When you open this file, the setup procedure will automatically get started. Without any cable, installation method shows up on the screen. Neither you need to mention the network name in this sort of configuration, nor have to enter the password. You don’t need to use a USB wire for connecting your computer to the printer.

Now Select Connect To The Network Once The Printer Setup Properly Done

  • Choose cableless protection from the setup security selection
  • Stay holding the Wi-Fi button on your computer to connect the ip8720 printer to the Wi-Fi until the power light flashes twice in a row
  • Now, select “Next” from the connection through the cableless setup screen
  • The list of installed software will display on the screen. Select the software you would like to install and then click “Next”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. Tap “OK” when the setup completed dialog box opens up on the screen
  • Go through the instructions as directed on computer screen. Choose “Add Printer” when the screen opens the Add Printer panel
  • Now, choose Canon ip8700 series with Canon IJ network. After that click on “Add”
  • Doing so, an Add printer screen will display, tap “Next”

Now, the process to Connect Canon iP8720 Printer to Wi-Fi is completed. Though, if you yet confront any trouble while following-up these above instructions, you are suggested to stay tune with us via placing a toll-free provided number. Our top-most technical engineers will directly contact you on phone call and proffer you the fruitful guidelines in a cost-effective way.