Take Canon Tech Support and clean canon Pixma Mx922 Printhead smartly

Having the ability to print documents and images at home or office is one of the advantages of living in the computer age. Though, it is also frustrating when your printer is unable to work properly because of dirty or clogged printheads. If you are in this situation, then taking Canon Tech Support help will you certainly to resolve your problem within a matter of time.

Usually need of cleaning printheads is arises when printing is faint or a specific color fails to print on paper, although there is an adequate amount of ink. The cleaning function of printheads allows you to clear up clogged print head nozzle proficiently.

To make the printheads dirt-free you need to perform cleaning and deep cleaning routines. Cleaning the printheads consumes your printer’s ink supply. Consequently, perform cleaning only when necessary not frequently.

Have a look at the procedure for cleaning the printheads: 

  • Search for devices and printers then click to open it.
  • Open the printer driver setup window by clicking on the printing preferences.
  • From the maintenance tab click on the cleaning
  • When the cleaning dialog box opens, choose the dirty ink group which needed cleaning.
  • Click on execute to start the cleaning process and do not close the paper output tray until the cleaning process is finished.
  • After the cleaning a nozzle check dialog box will open.
  • For checking the print quality that it has been improved or not simply click on print check pattern and to cancel the check process simply tap on the cancel.

If this doesn’t resolve the printheads problem, then try deep cleaning method.

Steps to perform deep cleaning to clean printheads of canon Pixma Mx922 Printhead:

Deep Cleaning is more effective than cleaning. Only perform deep cleaning when two cleaning efforts failed to resolve the printheads problem. Moreover, this procedure consumes larger amount of ink then cleaning, so perform it whenever necessary.

  • Open the printer user interface and click on deep cleaning under the maintenance tab.
  • Select the ink group for which deep cleaning is to be carried out from the deep cleaning dialogue box.
  • Confirm that the printer is on and then tap Execute.
  • When the confirmation message comes in to view, simply click OK. Deep cleaning process will start.
  • After the confirmation message of completion of deep cleaning the Nozzle check dialog box open.

If there is no sign of improvement even after the deep cleaning, then you may have run out of ink or printheads may be worn, although, you can try deep cleaning again in 24 hours of interval. This will probably resolve cleaning canon Pixma Mx922 Printheads problem. However, after trying all the above mentioned steps, if your issue still persists, then we suggest you to make a call at our Canon Tech Support Number and take direction to get rid of this issue. After taking their guidance you will be able to clean canon Pixma printer without difficulty