Canon Printer Won’t Turn On – What Should I Do?

There are times when your Canon printer won’t turn on. Such an issue is common among printers and mostly resolved by the user itself. To fix the Canon printer that won’t turn on you must find the reason behind it. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as the Power cord not connected properly to the printer or the Power Outlet not working. So before you jump to any conclusion and start thinking that there’s something seriously wrong with your printer, check these basic things. If after checking all these things, you continue to face the issue, then you must try some basic troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog.

The chances for the problem to continue after performing the basic troubleshooting is rare but if it does happen, do not hesitate in contacting our Canon Printer Support experts.

Why Does My Canon Printer Won’t Turn On

Before you jump to any conclusion and start with the troubleshooting steps, it will be beneficial if you try to find out the exact cause behind your Canon printer won’t turn on the problem. Given below are the reasons that can cause your canon printer to not start.

  • Your printer is not connected to the power source properly.
  • Your printer is not getting enough power supply.
  • Incorrect printer configuration
  • Issue with printer’s adapter
  • Damaged power cord

So there were some possible reasons that could lead to the Canon Printer won’t turn on issue. If you wish to get rid of all these issues, continue with the troubleshooting methods mentioned below in the article.

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Won’t Print Problem

Follow each troubleshooting method one by one until your canon printer won’t turn on issue is resolved.

  1. Check if your canon printer is ON

Sometimes when you press the power button too tightly or if the power button is held for longer than a few seconds, the printer software can prevent the machine from turning on.

Your printer might not turn on if the printer access doors are open.

If this is the case then you should unplug all the cables from your printer machine and leave it like that for a minute. After a minute plug the cables and cords back to the printer and turn it on. Doing this will hard reset your printer machine and fix any temporary problem.

In some printers, you will also find a power button located near the power cord or control panel.

  1. Check the power code

A power cord is responsible for connecting your printer to the main power. Without it, your printer won’t be able to get the energy to run, and hence you won’t be able to print anything. In this case, you must check your power cord. Make sure it is connected properly to the printer as well as to the switch. Make sure it is not damaged and working properly. The power cord gets damaged very rarely but it can happen so you must check it and if it is not working then get it replaced immediately.

  1. Confirm the power supply configuration

Printer configuration differs according to the printer type or model. While some printers have attached power cords that cannot be removed others consist of detachable power cords that you can remove easily. Some printers require the AC adaptor to be connected with the wall power outlet while others don’t.

  1. Check the printer adaptor

Last not least your printer adapter can also lead to a Canon printer won’t print issues. Canon printers come with two types of adaptors that is external AC adapter and a built-in AC adapter. In the case of a built-in AC adapter, the power cord might not be removable. Just need to connect the cord to the wall outlet to turn on the printer. If doing so doesn’t turn on your printer then you should check the code for any wear and tear. At last, if nothing works you can try replacing the power cord with another and see if that works. Do the same in the case of an external AC adapter and see that works for you.

Once you have tried all the above methods you are required to restart your printer and check if it is printing properly.


We hope after following the above methods you can fix your canon printer that won’t turn on. If you are still not able to start your printer or if you are getting any other issue consider contacting our canon printer support experts for more help.