Know the steps to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

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canon printer printing blank pages

As we all know Canon Printers are prone to issues. One of those is when canon printer printing blank pages. Genuinely, it is terrifying while performing an outstanding job, the printer all of a sudden stops working. Furthermore, when you install a new cartridge, then issue even gets worse. However, you can take Canon Printer Customer Service to overcome this issue on your own.

There are various other simple yet effective ways too, which can resolve your queries within minimum time frame. But, you need to keep one thing in mind, if you are not a tech-savvy person, then we propose you to not take a risk just grab online support and fix this issue easily.

Now, look at the possible reasons behind the canon printer printing blank pages issues are follows:

  • There is some default in hardware of canon printer.
  • This issue can be arises due to a cartridge failure.
  • Low ink levels can be one of the fundamental causes behind this issue.
  • Some software can be the reason.
  • Sometimes, printer drivers cause issues
  • The issue can be with the device that you are using for printing other than printer.

Follow the below points to solve the canon printer printing black pages issues: 

Inspect cartridge

  • Make sure to install the ink or toner cartridges properly within your canon printer by following the steps given in the installation manual.
  • Eradicate the protective sheet or round covering of the former otherwise this will hamper your work and canon printer printing blank pages error may crop up.

Check ink level

  • In case of your canon printer ink cartridge is empty, then your printer obviously print blank pages. You can easily check the level of ink by observing the menu buttons present in your printer.

Unclog the print heads

  • Generally, this issue arises when you have not utilized your canon printer for a long time. The ink dried up and blocks the print heads. At that time, by using lint-free soft cloth you need to clear print heads or you can try automatic cleaning method to clean dirty or clogged print heads.

Try updating the Printer Drivers

  • When the printer driver is outdated, it may cause the issue. So, make sure to keep your driver always up-to-date.[ update canon printer driver]

If the issue still continues to keep up, then make a call at Canon Printer Customer Service Number and get united with proficient technicians. These tech experts will be always by side until you are able to resolve the issue on your own.

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