Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Color? How Do I Fix It?

Canon printers are supposed to be a world-class printing device for home or office purpose. When the Canon Printers connect to your computer through a standard USB cable, one can get good quality printouts with 100% clarity in the document. Though, after a while you will notice that your printer doesn’t print correctly. Before attempting to solve this problem, it is strongly required to determine what the possible reason is for confronting Canon Printer Not Printing Color. In this post, we thoroughly described about its real causes and fixing process. So, walk through-out the provided information from top-to-toe and get your problem annihilated without any effort.

Reasons For The Appearance Of Canon Printer Not Printing Color

There could be plenty of disgusting reasons due to which you generally face Canon Printer Not Printing Color error problem. Check-out the list noted down:

  • Faulty printer driver running in system
  • Low or empty ink cartridges
  • Paper jamming
  • Inappropriate installation of printer firmware
  • Canon Printer Setup errors
  • Compatibility issues
  • Due to the dusty and faulty printer head
  • Using duplicate ink for printing
  • Low paper loaded in the printer tray
  • Because of wireless connectivity issue

However, there are many different ways you can try to solve Canon Printer Not Printing Color. So, suggesting you to not pull your hair if your Canon Printer refuges to print anything or doesn’t print in color. We compile the most proficient troubleshooting instructions in this guide. All you require to do is to execute them one-after-another consistently until your printer starts delivering the color printout of the selected document without any interruption. Hence, let’s read it out and follow them!



Productive Solutions To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Color

Go through the collectively proffered instructions for eradicating Canon Printer Not Printing Color at an instant. Give your eyes glimpse at the below listed solutions and make an attempt to get the problem overcome soon:

Solution 1: Check Your Ink Cartridge

An empty or low ink cartridge may create much trouble in printing and guarantee users won’t receive quality printouts. In order to correct such a low ink cartridge issue, you first need to check the level of ink installed in your cartridge and if it shows low or empty, immediately fill the new relevant ink. Here is how to check and fix the problem:

  • First and foremost thing you should apply is, open the front door of your printer machine
  • Then, take the cartridge out very carefully
  • Now check for the ink level and then replace any empty cartridge with the proper ink
  • After that, adjust the printer cartridge into its original position and then print a test page to check whether you obtain quality printouts or yet not.

If your Canon Printer still not printing color, move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Update Printer Driver

Printer Driver plays an important role in start printing function from your printer device. So, once the driver gets outdated, improperly installed or faulty, definitely Canon Printer Not Printing Color. It is highly required to make it update first with the latest version as per your model and OS. You can however download the printer driver directly from the official website and then install it properly on your computer system. In case, this doesn’t resolve your problem, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Check Color Printing Settings

Make sure that you have enabled the color printing option in your Canon printer because if it would not be enabled, then you may not obtain color print. For this, you can follow the below steps to enable the color printing settings section:

  • First and foremost, give a click on “Start” button on your computer
  • Then, open “Settings” tab
  • Now, click on the “Printers and Scanner” option
  • Then after, choose your Canon printer from the available shown lists of printers
  • Now, click on the “Properties” tab
  • Then, check whether you have enabled the color printing option or not. If it is not, make it enable first
  • Now, start print a test page

If yet your Canon Printer Not Printing Color problem unsolved, go ahead with the next solution.

Solution 4: Restart Your Printer

Restarting your Canon printer may helpful for resolving many technical issues. So, if the Canon Printer Is Not Printing Color, restart your printing machine immediately. You can take a printing test to check whether the problem has resolved or not.

Contact To Canon Printer Support For Instant Resolving Guide

After applying the above-instructed solving procedures, the Canon Printer Is Not Printing Color issue can get eradicated completely. And hence you can start print job with no hindrance. But in case the problem is yet persisting and you find yourself not enough competent to resolve this problem, then you can straightforwardly contact the well-qualified support team of Canon Printer for instant one-stop solutions. You can connect with them via helpline number. The number is active 24/7 so, you can call them anytime and grab doorstep remedy in no penny.