How to Troubleshoot Canon MX922 Print Head Errors?

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Canon MX922 Print Head Errors

Canon devices are the most effective and sturdy printer products accessible in the market today. Comparable to every other technical device, you can also happenstance mechanical failures while operating a Canon printer. Nowadays, the most common error that is troubling the users is the print head error. This print head error is also entitled Canon MX922 Print Head Errors. The error is visible on the screen when you attempt to print a document. The message may also display because of the improper installation of the printer.

So, here are the suggested steps that you can perform to get rid of the print head error. Go through it wisely. In case of any difficulty, contact Canon Support to get an in-depth idea of your Canon product.

Canon MX922 Print Head Errors

Major causes of Canon MX922 Print Head Error

There are numerous reasons that can cause your device to glitch. Some of the major reasons are stated below.

  • This Canon MX922 Print Head Error arises when your print head is not installed appropriately.
  • Print head not functioning issue can also arise due to the interior problems in your printing device.
  • The error can also encounter if your cartridge stops working precisely.
  • The problem may happen because the print head you are using is mismatched with the printing device.

Outstanding tricks to fix the Print Head errors

Print head error is generally a symptom of an interior Canon MX922 Print Head Error in the printer. Here are a few tried and tested methods that will likely solve the issue happening in your print head.

1.Swap the Ink Cartridge.

  • Open up the printer and wait for a few minutes until the cartridge slides over.
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer and start the cleaning process.
  • By the use of cotton immersed in the hot water, clean the print head appropriately. Try to clean the other electronic parts in the ink cartridge as well.
  • Keep reiterating this process until there is no drop of ink coming out of the ink cartridge.
  • Let the printer to dry out after this.
  • At last, substitute the cartridges and print something from the printer now.


2.Resolving the Internal Issues in the Printer

  • To start this troubleshooting method, first of all, switch on the Canon printer.
  • Open up the paper tray and take out the scanning unit. Once completed, the print head will advance into a standby position.
  • After this, open the inner cover of the printer and take out the ink tank by just pressing the tabs of the tanks.
  • Take out the top of the print head lock lever. After that, tilt the print head slightly in the direction of the front side of the printer and then remove it with care.
  • After doing the previous step, proceed by placing in the Canon MX922 Print Head Errors software holder area.
  • Put back the ink tanks in the printer appropriately and shut the scanning cover properly.

To ensure whether the error is fixed or not, try to print something from the printer.

What to do if I face some difficulty?

If you are not able to perform the above steps or you need any other assistance related to your Canon printer, you can contact Canon Support. Experts will be in touch with you and give you the proper guidance to solve the problem. You can call anytime as the experts are available for you round the clock.

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