Canon image CLASS Canon MF4820d Driver Download and Installation Process


The Canon image CLASS MF 4820d printer is loaded with several features, and it is highly appreciated for a unique variable-angle control panel. Such functionalities derive the new way to use the printers and transform the complete approach to maximize the output. Besides, the Canon MF4820d printer also delivers the quickest prints along with the double-sided printing without flipping the page.

You also get the one-touch key feature that helps you store addresses for email, fax, file server, and group address. The one-touch key sends the document to multiple destinations at the same time and saves your valuable effort.

To use the Canon image CLASS MF4820d printer, you must download and install the drivers either using the installation disk or directly from the website. Do you now know how to install them? Not a problem. This article covers all the steps and ways to get the printer drivers on your PC. You can either directly choose to run the file or first save and then run. Both processes will yield the same results.

How to download the Canon MF4820d printer driver?

The driver installation process is simple and does not require complicated steps. Instead, it can be completed in a few minutes if followed the way you are being instructed in this section. If you have an installation disk (CD) with you, follow the first process and reach out to the second way if you do not have an installation CD.

 Use Installation Disk to download Canon image CLASS MF4820d printer driver

Generally, the disk comes with your Canon MF4820d printer along with the instructions manual.

  1. Firstly, turn on your computer that you want to connect with your Canon image CLASS MF4820d printer.
  2. Make sure to DISCONNECT the USB cable from the printer and computer.
  3. Unpack the installation disk and insert it in the driver slot.
  4. When your PC asks what to do with CD, then click Open. Alternatively, you can go to the File Explorer and open the CD drive.
  5. Now download the Canon image CLASS MF4820d installer file.
  6. Keep following the instructions to install the Canon on your PC.
  7. Connect with the USB cable only when the installer instructs.
  8. After complete installation, the computer will detect the Canon MF4820d printer and suggest the steps to add it to your PC.
  9. Complete all these steps, and your Canon printer is ready to print.

Don’t you have the installation disk? Not a big deal. You can get the drivers from the Canon support website. Proceed to the next section for complete clarity.

Download Canon image CLASS MF4820d printer driver from the Canon website

Canon keeps releasing the latest printer drivers on its support website. The benefit of downloading directly from the web link is, you get the newest software version. Follow these steps to get it on your PC.

  1. Be sure that your printer and PC switch on.
  2. Connect only as per the installation instructions.
  3. Now visit the Canon MF4820d Support website from your PC.
  4. The web page will display the Operating system version, verify it, and alter it if needed.
  5. Now click on the link UFR II Printer Driver and download it on your computer.
  6. Click Yes on the User Account Control Prompt screen.
  7. Again click Run on the security alert window.
  8. Now the Setup Wizard starts, and it will instruct you the steps to complete the installation.
  9. After the process, the Setup Wizard will ask you to plug the USB cable. Connect the USB cable and give the print command.
  10. Your printer is all set to print now.

You need to choose Save to store the files on your PC. Here are the steps to perform this action.

  1. After clicking the link, choose Save and select the preferred download location.
  2. Now click Yes on the User Account Control window.
  3. After that, the Setup Wizard will begin, and you need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

The proper installation of Canon printer drivers will ensure trouble-free printing. The latest drivers will debug the errors in your printer.  Here is the list of operating systems compatible with the Canon MF4820d printer.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8