Canon MF4720W Wi-Fi setup and MF4700 wireless setup

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Canon MF4720W

With the one-touch simplicity and innovative design combination the new canon MF4720W and MF4700 printers are ideal choice for home or office work. They include several features such as one-touch solution keys, on demand fixing technology, quiet mode, wired or wireless LAN connectivity and minimal maintenance. Whenever you stumble upon with any tech bugs within your canon printers, then you can connect with Canon Support technical team to resolve them. Furthermore, we are going to discuss the methods of Canon MF4720W Wi-Fi setup setting up a Canon MF4720W printer over Wi-Fi network and canon MF4700 over wireless network.

Steps for canon MF4720W printer Wi-Fi setup

There are two methods for connecting this printer to wireless network points:

  • Configuring by using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
  • Connecting Manually

Configure canon MF4720W with WPS Features:

If your wireless LAN routers or access points support WPS features, then you can connect canon wireless printers by using push button or PIN code system.

Push Button System:

  • In this you have to select WPS push button mode under the network settings of your printer.

PIN Code System:

  • In this you need to enter PIN code which is generated by the printer to wireless LAN router or access points for connection.

Have a look at the steps for Configuring Manually

When Wireless LAN routers or access points don’t support WPS, then you need to enter manually wireless LAN router information to the machine for connection.

By selecting Access Point:

  • First you need to search for all access points by the canon MF4720W printer.
  • Select a wireless LAN router or access point which is to  connected and then enter a network key for connection.

By entering manually:

  • You have to enter manually SSID or security information of wireless LAN routers or access points that is to be connected to the canon MF4720W printer.

 Here are the steps for MF4700 Wireless connection setup:

Connecting canon MF4700 to a wireless network is so simple you just need to connect it to WPS physically.

Look at the requirements for establishing connection setup:

  • Should have push-button WPS physically
  • There should be WPA or WPA2 security

Follow the below mentioned steps in the given order to connect it swiftly:

  • Press the home printer button.
  • By using navigation keys/arrows select WLAN setup icon.
  • Go for left function
  • Press the left function it will turn on the Wi-Fi light
  • Now, the printer will search for access that supports WPS.
  • Keep pressing and holding WPS button for at least 5 seconds
  • After 2 minutes press the OK button
  • When the connection is complete press OK to finish the configuration.

Hopefully, these steps will assist you to establish setup of Canon MF4720W over Wi-Fi network and canon MF4700 over wireless network. If these steps are not helpful for you, then you can take online guidance from Canon Printer Support team members. These professionals are well-qualified and will surely assist you to complete setup of canon printers.

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