Canon printers are the most widely preferable printing devices that offer flawless printing. But along with time, every electronic device has to go through a few technical glitches which makes the users difficult to operate. So, if your Canon Printer Is In An Error State, you are no longer to be worried as you are not the only one facing this problem. There are many other users who are struggling with the same condition and wandering for an expert assistance. All the needs to cope-up this problematic hurdle is to first find out the reason behind occurrence of this issue. Once you get the exact cause of this issue, you will terminate this error state issue from your Canon printer within a couple of minutes. In short, without putting any effort you can troubleshoot this hiccup.



Recently, you may have installed or upgraded your Windows operating device to Windows 10 and then you might have been connected Windows to your Canon printer via parallel port. After that you notice that your printer refuges to work or giving an error message saying "Printer Is In Error State". Don't be disheartened in that situation as the team of qualified engineers are there to help you out. Within your budget you will get the answer of the printer related query.




Here are the causes due to which Canon printer users come across with the error message displaying on Windows 10 PC "Printer in Error State". Let's have a glimpse on the below lines:

  1. Such an error display when the printer is jammed
  2. Because of having less paper inserted into the input/output tray)
  3. Due to the cover may be opened
  4. It might the printer not be connected to properly

When you encounter anyone of the above issue, your printer will display such an error message on the control panel or windows screen. Some of the error codes you might also encounter because of these reasons. Let's have a look at the frequently encountered hitches:

  1. “E02″ Error
  2. Error 5200
  3. Error Code 5100
  4. Printer Driver Errors
  5. Printer Error Code “6000”

Despite this printer error state issue, in case you are getting any of these error codes on your Canon printer, its high time to annihilate them instantly. In that case, you can either get in touch with the team of Canon Printer Tech-Support or you can follow the instructions that are mentioned in this article.




Instead of wandering here and there or wagging-off after getting this error, just have a glance on the noted solutions. You can try out multiple ways to eliminate this problem. Hence, let's start from the beginning:



  1. First of all, you should make assure that all the cables and connections of the printer are fitted well and doesn’t have a loophole
  2. Make sure your both the devices are connected with each other properly, try with a Different USB port and the network or cable if the problem with connection
  3. Also Turn-off the printer and check for paper jam then close all trays properly. If it has a paper jam slidely remove it
  4. Check if the printer has low ink, if it is refill it. If you are using Wi-Fi printer, turn on the WiFi of the printer and the modem router

Pull Sharply On Device Manager: Follow the below given instructions to tweak on Device Manager

  1. First press the "Windows + R" key from your keyboard and type "devmgmt.msc" into search bar
  2. Now, press "OK" to open device manager. Doing so will be listed all the installed driver list
  3. After that click on "View" menu and then select "Show hidden devices" option from the drop-down menu
  4. Next, expand the Ports category and right-click on the Printer Port to select "Properties" option
  5. Now, on the Printer Port (LPT1) Properties dialog box, go to the Port "Settings" tab and select the option “Use any interrupt assigned to the port”
  6. After that check the “Enable legacy Plug and Play detection” box
  7. At the end, click "Apply" and "OK" button, Restart windows and check the printer should be detected and work properly

Make Sure Print Spooler Is Running: Follow the steps below to change the Print spooler service type to Automatic

  1. Press 'Windows +R', Type 'services.msc' and then press 'Enter'
  2. Scroll down and double click on service called print spooler
  3. Ensure that the services are Started and set to Automatic
  4. If it is not so, then change the startup type automatic and start the service next to service status
  5. Now, move to 'Recovery' tab and change the first failure to “Restart the service“
  6. Click "Apply" and check printer back online and it’s on working state

Remove And Reinstall The Printer: Do it with the help of below written procedure:

First Uninstall The Printer

  1. Disconnect your printer’s USB cable from your PC
  2. Press Windows + R, devmgmt.msc and hit 'Enter' key to open Device manager
  3. Now, expend Printers and Scanners, Right click on the installed printer driver and select uninstall device
  4. When warning message appears “You are about to uninstall this device from your system“. Checkmark on delete the driver software for this device and click on Uninstall button
  5. Wait for a while until the printer driver gets uninstalled completely. After that restart your system

Now Process To Reinstall The Printer

  1. First visit Canon printer's official website and download the latest available driver for your printer model
  2. Now, install the printer driver, run the setup.exe and follow on-screen instructions to install the printer from top-to-toe

If the above information is failed to make your Canon printer error state problem eradicated, you need to lend a hand with deft connoisseurs. For this, you will have to place a call on the accessible 24/7 helpline number that is mention here. Your call will be picked by them and they will inform you the whole procedure at an effortless manner.


If you are a canon printer user and your printer is showing error state notification which is very common to have in printers. You can either call the tech support of canon on 1 (626) 898-4302 or you can contact them online and ask for help.

The printer in error state stops your work and makes you unable to use it. Many times some users fail in understanding the meaning of Printer in error state and they call a mechanic to fix it. But you don’t need this, as you have the free assistance of canon support.

When your printer is in an error state, your computer will pop up the notification telling you that your printer is in an ‘error state’. If you don’t know what is an error state? Or how to solve it, don’t worry we have mentioned some points below that you can do to undo your error state.

  1. Check the connection and restart your printer
  2. Check if the paper isn’t jam
  3. Pullout it from the power source
  4. Update or reinstall the printer driver
  5. If nothing is working, you can call printer support- 1 (626) 898-4302.

Canon has provided different number for different countries, such as-

  1. Contact Canon support USA - 1 (626) 898-4302
  2. Contact Canon Support Canada - 1-800 OK CANON (652-2666)
  3. Contact Canon support India - 1860 180 3366
  4. Contact Canon support UK - (800) 474-6836

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding?

    Due to lack of communication between your PC and printer, your Canon Printer Not Responding. If you are unable to make your Canon printer in working mode properly, it is suggested to in spite of taking tension place a call at +1-626-898-4302. Here, your call will be answered by top-most technical engineers who are well-talented and experienced as well.

  • 2How Do I Reset My Canon Printer?

    Press the power button to turn off your Canon printer first. Now, hold the "Stop/Reset" button while pushing the power button. While still holding down the power button, release the "Stop/Reset" button and then push it twice in a row. After that wait for a while and then you can see your Canon Printer gets reset. If yet you are facing any hurdle, can directly contact our dexterous engineer via dialing +1-626-898-4302 helpline number.

  • 3Why Does My Canon Printer Say Driver Unavailable?

    Aren’t you seeing your Canon printer driver on your computer screen? Don’t understand where it is been hide in your PC? If yes, then go to program installation files and then search it by typing Driver into the search box. But in case yet your Canon Printer Say Driver Unavailable on your system, then you are suggested to place a single call on the provided helpline number and get handy solution in an effective manner.

  • 4How Do I Reinstall My Canon Printer?

    Have you uninstalled your Canon Printer before a couple of days? Now, recently you need to print some urgent document but can’t print due to not having Canon Printer installed in your PC. It is required to immediately Reinstall My Canon Printer on the computer system. For doing this, you need to avail our fruitful provided service via dialing +1-626-898-4302 toll-free number. The tech-geeks will instantly lend your hand and assist you at door-step.

  • 5How Do I Connect My Canon Mg3050 Printer To WIFI?

    Before connecting your Canon Mg3050 Printer To WIFI make sure that the wireless router is in range of the printer and the WPS button is ready to be pressed. Now, contact immediately to the deft connoisseurs as they are the one who will assist you all the desired procedure in a cost-effective manner. To be associated with them, you only have to put a ring at +1-626-898-4302 which is our 24/7 accessible helpline number.

  • 6How Do You Connect A Canon Printer To WIFI?

    Connecting Canon Printer To WIFI can be difficult for the non-tech person because one must have knowledge in technical field only then will be able to do this. If you are having lack of technical knowledge, then don’t panic! We the team of qualified engineers will proffer effective solution at your door-step. But firstly you need to call at +1-626-898-4302 toll-free number.

  • 7How Do I Get My Canon Printer To Print?

    Before printing any document with your Canon Printer, you have to be assured that the driver is installed in your PC and both the devices computer and Canon printer are connected with each other. In case you are experiencing any glitches in doing that, it is recommended to give a ring at +1-626-898-4302 and get united hassle-freely to our proficient techies.

  • 8How Do I Print From My Phone To My Canon Printer?

    Don’t you have laptop or PC at your home but have Canon printer? Want to print the document from your Phone To Your Canon Printer? Don’t you have an idea to do this? If really so, then don’t be disheartened! Our well-experienced candidates are working all day all night at +1-626-898-4302 to deliver top-notch services at an affordable cost.