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Fix No Print Output Issue On Canon G2000, G3000, G1000 Series?

Are you using Canon G2000, G3000, G1000 Series ink tank printer either in your home or office premises? But unfortunately while printing document, you find No Print Output or getting blank pages from your printer. Don’t panic! To resolve this issue, you will only have to refill ink in your printer and then try to print. Also you can get the reliable answer over here as we have created this post to share the exact possible solutions of such query with you. If you have no time to read this blog, then there is one more handy remedy for you, that is simply obtain Canon Customer Support by our top-most technicians via dialing the provided accessible helpline number. Your call will immediately be responded and the effective service will be delivered at your door-step.

Never get frustrated or wag-off if your Canon printer not prints black ink, or only printing black ink print with your ink tank printer. Ink store in outside container and ink flow with ink pipe in ink tank printer to cartridge head via nozzle. So after using 3-4 month you may face printer won’t print type of issue, and when you are seeing your printer to find out the reason why you are confronting such issue,but you find nothing wrong with your printer. To know the reasons and solutions of this problem, simply go through this article.

Possible Steps To Solve No Print Output On Canon G2000, G3000,G1000 Series

Let’s perform the below procedures one by one to check a nozzle in your printer. Have a glimpse on the given points:

  • Ensure that the power is turned on
  • Load a single sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper into the paper tray properly
  • Pull out the paper output tray and then open the output tray extension
  • Hold down the ‘Stop’ button until the Alarm lamp blinks once
  • After that release the Stop button once it flashes
  • The nozzle check pattern will be printed
  • Stop performing any other tasks until the machine finalizes the printing of the nozzle check pattern
  • Examine the nozzle check pattern

If the black grid pattern or any of the color blocks are broken or missing, then further cleaning may require. Is this not effective answer your question? If yes, then give a ring at Canon Customer Support Number and get united with the dexterous engineers. They will instantly one-to-one communicate with you and provide you exact possible steps of coping such a printer problem.